Teeth in a Day

Did you know that all your dental work can be completed in 1 day?

Through years of dental practice and experience we have found that many people are tired of always being told by your dentist or hygienist that something is wrong or you have conditions that we will watch. Truth is, most of the time we are watching them deteriorate until treatment is inevitable and in many cases more involved treatment is necessary.

Many of our patients have discovered the benefits of getting all their dentistry completed in as few visits as possible, sometimes in one day.

With comprehensive diagnosis and focused treatment planning, we can become more efficient with the treatment time in the chair. However, the biggest advantage to comprehensive diagnosis is that it allows to not having to build restorative dentistry into the current physiologic position if a more ideal position would be beneficial.

There are multiple benefits to this approach

  • Better function
  • Better esthetics
  • Improved positive muscle tone
  • Better longevity of dental work

As a result, these patients become our cheerleaders for the practice. They are glad to finally have the teeth and smile they want and are not worrying about “watching” things deteriorate or waiting for something to break. Instead, they return only for their regular recare visits to maintain their current condition and get a pat on the back.