Simplicity. Transparency. Affordability.

In this era of confusing healthcare choices, our patients never compromise their health due to insurance benefits or financial obstacles. Every year we re-assess ourselves and our practice to make sure there are no barriers to care. We continue to expand our options to make OUR dentistry that YOU DESERVE & DESIRE AFFORDABLE. In Spring 2020, we initiated THE HIVE, our in-house dental benefits and savings plan with you in mind. This is NOT dental insurance, it’s simply better. Join today & THRIVE.

Why Join?

No dental insurance?
Losing your dental insurance?
Paying too much for dental insurance?
Need dental care?
Looking to save money on dental care?

No deductibles, co-insurances, or non-covered services!
No limits, waiting periods, or frequency limits!
No pre-determinations or pre-authorizations!

*This is NOT dental insurance.

Your Benefits
  • 2 Wellness Exams
  • 2 Cleanings
  • 2 Fluoride Treatments*
  • 1 Oral Cancer Screening
  • 1 Periodontal Screening
  • Emergency Exams as Needed
  • All X-rays and Photo Images as Needed
  • 20% Savings Available on Dental Products
  • 20% Off Restorative Treatments
  • 10% Savings on Invisalign Treatments
  • Access to After Hours Service (Emergencies & Teledentistry)
  • Extended Warranty on Restorations (Crowns, Implants, Veneers)***
  • Cost savings extended to our preferred network of specialists (Surgeries, Root Canals, Pediatrics)

* Included until 12 years old.

** Exclusion may apply.

*** Must maintain active membership.

Join Today & Thrive

$359 / year* (*$40.00 One-time Enrollment Fee)